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Entertainment management consulting for a digital world

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About FanTrust

FanTrust builds creative companies, industries and economies.

With a focus on digital innovation, we provide strategies and tactics for community-building, high-impact investment, revenue-generation, resiliency and sustainable growth. Our clients range from start-ups to private and publicly-traded companies, funds and governments, media and entertainment, universities and non-profits, each with an eye to transformation and global positioning.

Reach out to FanTrust for a custom touch and laser focus on your vision. From start-up to exit, from concept to legacy, we’ll help you to plan, deliver and succeed.

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Artificial Intelligence & Creative Industries

Now Hear This: What Can TV Take from Podcasts

Digital Headlines

Submit your idea to strengthen creative industries

How do eSports and traditional sports converge?

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Curious about today’s eSports business trends?

We wrap up the eSports marketplace for you


FanTrust develops and implements winning strategic initiatives for major film and television broadcasters and producers, telecommunications companies, computer corporations, video game companies, media and new media professional organizations and funding agencies, leading educational institutions, and world-class advertising agencies.

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