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The Equivalent of a $5 Million Super Bowl Ad in Digital Media

By: Shareen Pathak Every year, marketing pundit-types ask themselves the question: “Is the Super Bowl worth it?” And when the price tag is $5 million for 30-seconds of airtime, it’s a pretty good question — especially when you begin wondering what you

TV has Excellent Opportunity in New Social Media Video Capabilities

By Cory Bergman for Lost Remote As many expected, Instagram announced the addition of video in a press conference today: up to 15 second clips with 13 different filters, basic on-the-fly editing, custom thumbnails and an image stabilization technology called Cinema.

New Reality Show to Skip TV, Play Entirely on Social Media

By Andrew Wallenstein for Variety  Who says a reality show has to air on TV? The Chernin Group is producing an audacious new unscripted series that will be distributed entirely on social-media platforms instead of having a home on TV,

MTV enables Instagram voting for 2013 Movie Awards

By Cory Bergman for Lost Remote Always at the forefront of engaging viewers over Twitter with its live events, MTV is adding a new social network for this Sunday’s 2013 Movie Awards. “Get creative on Instagram,” explains “Dress up as your