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FanTrust Partner Vast Media Publishes “Game of Thrones” Digital Case Study

MIPTV-MIPCOM released a new report from VAST MEDIA today called Digital Promotion … Beyond the Screen – The example of Game of Thrones. VAST MEDIA, a FanTrust Partner, used its  TV@WEB DATABASE to produce this document, which is part of

'Game of Thrones: Ascent' Comes to Facebook, Puts Farms to the Torch

By Carol Pinchefsky for Forbes  Have you ever had a friend brag about his Farmville farm and thought, “I would so love to take an axe to your field?” If you have, good news: When I asked Jon Radoff, the

Portlandia Wins Peabody Award

By Kristi Turnquist As if 2012 hadn’t already been the year “Portlandia”  achieved pop culture domination, now the IFC sketch comedy series has won a Peabody Award. Today, the 71st annual Peabody Awards winners were announced, and among the 38 recipients was”Portlandia,” recognized as “A