FanTrust is a full-service management consultancy laser-focused on digital innovation for creative companies, sectors and economies.

We provide a comprehensive range of services to advance clients through the following:

Corporate Strategy

Designed to position entertainment companies in a digital age, these services include executive coaching, brand-building and strategic planning, and ultimately extend to operational plans, budgets, key messaging and staff performance benchmarking.


To ensure your business capitalizes on financing and investment opportunities, FanTrust builds custom business plans, proposals and pitches for your key prospective investors, readies you for M&A activity or guides you on the road to going public.

We have extensive experience guiding media companies in accessing digital funding for television, mobile, online and social networking ventures. FanTrust also consults to and serves on the boards of digital media funds, including national, provincial and genre-specific funds, unleashing hundreds of millions of dollars to date to advance the media and technology production sectors.

Business Development

New digital opportunities require new strategic partnerships. FanTrust plugs you in to our global network of digital executives and helps you secure best-of-breed partnerships.

Deal Structuring

Whether you are negotiating with broadcasters, portals, mobile aggregators, broadband or other distribution partners, FanTrust works with your executive and legal teams to ensure you get excellent terms for your digital deals.


Let FanTrust serve as your gateway to global distributors and digital revenues. Our network includes hundreds of millions of users representing pay-per-view, downloads, IPTV, mobile and other digital hubs.

We understand how to protect and maximize your digital rights in the context of multiplatform distribution and negotiate premium revenue terms.

Revenue Plans

From a range of advertising, licensing, e-commerce, downloads, mobile and other custom profit centers, FanTrust helps you devise, model and execute on targeted revenue tactics.


YouTube. Facebook. Twitter. Viral campaigns. FanTrust builds a marketing mix that works harmoniously. We make sure roll-outs are staged right for maximum impact and your “calls to action” drive audiences and revenues.

Competitive Intelligence

Digital news is exploding. FanTrust research reports sort out fact from hype and provide analysis beyond the “digital brain dump.” We gather valuable competitive intelligence through one-on-one executive interviews and participation at dozens of digital events and markets each year. We also set you up to datamine your own digital ventures for the best in custom business intelligence.

Interactive Productions

On the creative front, FanTrust works with creators and producers up-front to develop engaging multiplatform properties. We help you achieve the best mix of rich media, games, forums, audio and video podcasts, infotainment, behind-the-scenes and other imaginative digital assets.


FanTrust accelerates your Start-up. We understand what it takes to go big and what you need to get there. Our management has a track-record of success in growing one and two person teams into global market leaders, in helping entrepreneurs achieve the valuations of their dreams and in taking brand new companies through Angel rounds onto the Nasdaq. Let us help you grow.


No one understands digital fans like FanTrust. We help you build loyal communities, transform audiences into consumers and stay ahead of your ratings by maintaining a “responsive reputation” in the eyes of your fan-base.