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Lifetime Rebrands Itself With Original Programming

This April, Lifetime will rebrand with more original programming that stays true to its mission of embodying the female spirit By Nancy Dubuc, president and general manager of History and Lifetime networks As a pioneer in understanding the importance of

Good, Giving and Game, 
Yet Women Still Not Tapped For The Top – FanTrust in the Huffington Post

Help me out, here. When will digital media shareholders, investors and boards look at the case for female leadership on its merits and stop with the painful status quo contortions required to keep women out of top roles? What’s it

Brands getting in line with women, online

Until recently, few women’s brands were dipping their toes into online advertising. Odd, given that women influence 80% of all consumer purchases made in North America. Weren’t we gals online, too? At last, it seems that brands are catching up