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Transforming the Boardroom

Finding great female directors is easier than you think, the business math is a cakewalk and the PR writes itself. If you’re a startup raising funds, look to female investors. A group like Female Funders, which has a Vancouver presence

World Summit Award: Excellence in e-Content and Creativity

FanTrust president and World Summit Award board member, Catherine Warren is featured in the WSA’s “Excellence in e-Content and Creativity” publication. The document outlines the ways the organization aims to turn the United Nation’s World Summit on the Information Society

Monetizing Mobile Apps – Your FanTrust Round-Up

2013 marks the first time in human history that we will have a single device for every person on the planet: the mobile phone. This summer, there will be more than 7.1B mobile subscriptions, representing one for every woman, man

Crowd-Sourced Funding for Media Properties

Sure, fans can be your viral marketers and your digital evangelists, but did you know they could also be your investors and your digital angels? Innovative developers and producers are turning to their future customers to finance the properties these

The Billion Dollar Social Games Sector

Hundreds of millions of today’s gamers are enjoying light, fun, “snackable” games played within social networks. This fanbase is expected to surge to 250M in 2009 from 50M the previous year. The market for this upstart genre of entertainment is

New Media for a New Economy

Entertainment’s stock, like lipstick sales and hemlines, tends to go up in troubled times. With its immersive vibe and interactive allure, new media entertainment offers new forms of escapism. And after the dotcom market meltdown, which in retrospect almost seems

Boost Your Brand with Twitter

With functionalities like linking and retweeting, Twitter can be an excellent means for viral marketing and content sharing – in February 2009, Web measurement firm Hitwise reported that Twitter sent nearly 20% of traffic to entertainment sites. To help you

From the Trenches

From the Trenches (John Wiley), brings together the movers and shakers from the world of emerging technologies. Seventeen business leaders and e-business luminaries, including FanTrust President Catherine Warren, open your eyes through the pages of this book to the future

Technology With Curves

Technology With Curves – Women Reshaping the Digital Landscape Inspired, informative and entertaining, the book Technology With Curves (Harper Collins) features the women who are reshaping the digital landscape — among them FanTrust founder Catherine Warren. Order the book

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