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Ice Pilots NWT Gets Interactive

By Etan Vlessing for History Television’s Ice Pilots NWT reality series is sending viewers on an online scavenger hunt to beef up its third-season website. The digital extension comes courtesy of design studio Switch United, social games producer Pug Pharm Productions and FanTrust.

Ice Pilots Takes Flight for History Television

The combination of an icy northern Canadian climate and WWII planes doesn’t sound like a hit on paper, but Ice Pilots NWT has been a ratings wonder for History Television in Canada. Gabriela Schonbach, Omni Film partner and executive producer

Session Two: Setting your digital resolutions for 2009

Last week’s Digital Resolutions post set you on the path to outlining your digital goals with motivating examples from Monty Python, Nexon and others. We asked, “What are your motivations for getting into the digital space? What do you hope

Exclusive: Capcom builds fan trust

Here’s a shout-out to our friends at Capcom, an entertainment company that functions at the cross-roads where “Fans” and “Trust” meet. This weekend, Capcom did a stealth relaunch of Capcom Unity’s community destination. Talking exclusively to FanTrust, Capcom Corporate Officer/