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Fans control online games, MIP delegates learn

Companies may create online games, but the fans ultimately control them, Hilmar Petursson, CEO of CCP Games, told a conference on community entertainment today.

Demonstrating his Eve Online massively multiplayer sci-fi online game, which has 300,000 players – equal to the population of…

Face-off: looking good on different screens

It used to be a screen test propelled an actress from the casting couch to the big screen. Now we need a different kind of screen test: one that features her to advantage on all types of screens. Or, even

Obama Girl live interview by FanTrust President Catherine Warren

“Obama Girl” Amber Lee Ettinger became a national phenomenon when the video “I Got a Crush on Obama” was released online and went viral in the months leading up to the U.S. election. In total, Obama Girl videos have been