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YouTube to Double Down on Its 'Channel' Experiment

By Amir Efrati for The Wall Street Journal  For Google Inc.’s YouTube it was a $150 million experiment: Seed dozens of new video “channels” on its Web service and see what works. So far, Google likes what it sees from

MIPTV: Online Games Reach A Higher Pitch

There has been a been a quantum leap at this year’s Online & Social Games Public Pitch, according to host and moderator Catherine Warren, president of FanTrust. The Content 360 gathered together MIPTV hopefuls wanting to make their mark in

Broadband Content Delivery Draws Viewers, Revenues from Broadcast TV

Broadband content, accessed using new media tools like wireless smartphones and Internet streams, continues to draw people and money away from traditional media outlets like radio and TV, according to an annual report on the Canadian communications industry. Even so,

Dear Malcolm: Why so threatened?

Chris Anderson responds to Malcolm Galdwell’s critique of Free on his blog, The Long Tail

Chris Anderson vs Malcolm Gladwell: The Freestyle Fight

The battle of pop sociologists just got a lot more interesting: in the latest issue of New Yorker magazine, Malcolm Gladwell does a fisking of Wired editor Chris Anderson’s new book “ Free ”, the book about the future of pricing and the value of IP (and by definition business models) in a digital …

MediaDailyNews: Web Futures: Monetize Monetize Monetize

The impact of accelerating pay models cannot be underestimated: Newspaper publishers and studios will reconsider charging for online content, while consumers’ love of devices and what they load on them could cripple the Freemium paradigm.

The changing face of gamers

What is the changing face of gamers? If yesterday’s sweet spot used to be the geeky, single, 18-34 year old male with disposable income who played increasingly complex games on average 30-hours per week, then today’s demographic looks like the

FanTrust partner BroadbandTV boosts Google's AdSense

On July 3, 2008, Google AdSense made the following announcement on its official blog: Earning revenue from YouTube videos just got easier We’d like to let you know about two recent improvements to video units that make them more easy

Low hanging fruit – YouTube. Google. Facebook.

YouTube. Google. Facebook. All of these channels are seriously underexploited by many entertainment companies, given that there are a number of simple things that content creators can do right now to capitalize on each. With YouTube it is important that