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EA Adding Microtransactions to All Future Games

By Lawrence Sonntag for Inside Gaming Daily  Remember how Dead Space 3 was absolutely, totally ruined by microtransactions? And remember how Mass Effect 3 was an unplayable piece of garbage because it had microtransactions? Well, Electronic Arts is going to

Mobile Games Help Resurrect Vancouver's Video Game Industry

By Gillian Shaw for The Vancouver Sun Go mobile or go home. That could be the new mantra of Vancouver game studios trying to survive and even thrive in an increasingly tough market that is seeing studios flee to Eastern

A new record for video game crowdfunding at $6.2M

Wing Commander and Privateer creator Chris Roberts’ return to game development, a new space sim called Star Citizen, is the new king of video game crowdfunding campaigns. Between contributions sent to its homegrown crowdfunding website and the Kickstarter page that became necessary when it was overwhelmed

'Game of Thrones: Ascent' Comes to Facebook, Puts Farms to the Torch

By Carol Pinchefsky for Forbes  Have you ever had a friend brag about his Farmville farm and thought, “I would so love to take an axe to your field?” If you have, good news: When I asked Jon Radoff, the

Value of social game company Zynga? Perhaps more than $3 billion

Need another sign that social games are big business? A new report suggests that Zynga, the publisher of games such as FarmVille and Mafia Wars could be worth more than $3 billion — more than half the market capitalization of Electronic

3D Game Developers Get New Pipeline to Monetize and Socialize Fans

Unity 3D game developers now have a definitive place to go to monetize and socialize their online games. OverInteractive Media Inc. has just launched dimeRocker, the innovative self-publishing platform for Unity 3D game developers to deploy, manage and monetize their

BREAKING: Google Acquires Mobile Ad Network AdMob for $750 Million

Just hours after Electronic Arts announced it was buying social gaming outfit Playfish for up to $400 million, Google has announced that it’s buying mobile ad network AdMob for $750 million in stock. Since its inception, AdMob has served more

For social networks, it's game on:

Games are the killer app on social networks. Tens of millions of consumers are opting to play simple, quick games on Facebook, MySpace and elsewhere — often via their mobile devices. An estimated 100 million people are recent devotees of

Socialize Me – Tap Today's Billion Dollar Social Games Sector with FanTrust

Hundreds of millions of today’s gamers are enjoying light, fun, “snackable” games played within social networks. This fanbase is expected to surge to 250M in 2009 from 50M the previous year. The market for this upstart genre of entertainment is

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