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Excuse me, may I have your digital autograph?

Mathew Ingram, who writes the Internet media blog Ingram 2.0 for The Globe and Mail, recently posted a great article about the first-ever ROLF-Con (ROLF is the Internet/ mobile chat acronym for “rolling on the floor laughing), an event held

Jericho Fans are Nuts – Update

As an update to my earlier Jericho blog post, CNN Entertainment is now reporting that Jericho fans have shipped a total of 25 tons of nuts to CBS executives in hopes of getting their favorite show back on the air.

Jericho Fans are Nuts

In keeping with the spirit of the show, “Jericho” fans have sent over 13 tons of peanuts to CBS executives after the brass cancelled their favourite show. Many of these fans, who write fan fiction, have seen the success of