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'Game of Thrones: Ascent' Comes to Facebook, Puts Farms to the Torch

By Carol Pinchefsky for Forbes  Have you ever had a friend brag about his Farmville farm and thought, “I would so love to take an axe to your field?” If you have, good news: When I asked Jon Radoff, the

Big Data Is Cool Now

By Steve Lohr, a technology reporter for The New York Times Welcome to the Age of Big Data. The new megarich of Silicon Valley, first at Google and now Facebook, are masters at harnessing the data of the Web — online

Milyoni Offers a Facebook Horror Film Fest

By Chris Marlowe for Digital Media Wire Milyoni, whose mission is to convert Facebook fans into customers, has put together an online horror film festival especially for Halloween. Fans can rent the movies and watch simultaneously with Facebook friends who

Coming soon: McTV

By Greg Braxton and Joe Flint for The Los Angeles Times McDonald’s customers will soon be able to have local school sports, movie previews and heartwarming human interest stories to go with their fries — McTV is here and in high

The Sims Social is Now Live on Facebook

By Matthew Lynley for Games Beat The Sims Social, a social gaming version of Electronic Arts’ incredibly popular life simulation franchise The Sims, is now live on Facebook. Electronic Arts’ newest social game looks like it will give Zynga — which

Facebook Is The New Nielsen Family

By E.B. Boyd for Fast Company Since the first banner ad alighted on top of a web page sometime around the end of last century, online advertising has been the Rodney Dangerfield of the media world. It gets no respect.

Facebook Woos Businesses; Ups Battle with Google+

Excerpt from an article by Sharon Gaudin for Computer World While Google asks businesses to hold off using its new Google+ social network, rival Facebook is helping companies get onboard its site. On Tuesday night, the world’s largest social networking

Google Unveils New Try at Social Networking

Online search leader Google Inc. is taking yet another stab at social networking, as it tries to go up against Facebook in this wildly popular and lucrative segment of the internet. This time the project is called Google+ and it

Value to Valuation: How Fans Can Help You Boost Worth

Everybody loves a fan! But what price love? As social networks and other tracking let you put a price on the head of each fan, soon your valuation will rise or fall based on your fan base. Sure, fans can

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