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EA Adding Microtransactions to All Future Games

By Lawrence Sonntag for Inside Gaming Daily  Remember how Dead Space 3 was absolutely, totally ruined by microtransactions? And remember how Mass Effect 3 was an unplayable piece of garbage because it had microtransactions? Well, Electronic Arts is going to

The Sims Social is Now Live on Facebook

By Matthew Lynley for Games Beat The Sims Social, a social gaming version of Electronic Arts’ incredibly popular life simulation franchise The Sims, is now live on Facebook. Electronic Arts’ newest social game looks like it will give Zynga — which

Session One: Setting your digital resolutions for 2009

Welcome to the FanTrust guide to digital success – Setting Your Digital Resolutions for 2009. December is traditionally a time for reflection and goal-setting, both personal and professional. Though you know what it takes to reach your goals for, say,