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Ice Pilots NWT Gets Interactive

By Etan Vlessing for History Television’s Ice Pilots NWT reality series is sending viewers on an online scavenger hunt to beef up its third-season website. The digital extension comes courtesy of design studio Switch United, social games producer Pug Pharm Productions and FanTrust.

All Those Online Videos, Still Chasing an Audience

Drumbeat would be too strong a word. But in recent months there’s been a steady patter of news indicating a fresh urgency in the world of original Web series: projects involving high-profile filmmakers, additional rounds of financing, redesigned and expanded

Future Media Forum Unites Digital Groundbreakers at Moscow Event

Luminaries including Lady Gaga’s producer, innovator Esther Dyson and executives from Google, The Guardian and FanTrust convene at RIA Novosti 70th anniversary think tank MOSCOW, June 16, 2011 – Executives from the world’s leading media outlets in North America, Russia,

Top Tips For Connecting to Distributors and Brands

Valuing fans brings producers, distributors and brands together, speaking a common language and putting the committed consumer first. But what does it take for rights-holders to build out a property that appeals to brands and channel partners for a fan-friendly

Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund 2010 Annual Report Now Online

The Bell Fund 2010 Annual Report is now available online at the following link: 2010 Highlights ·         $11,133,214 was invested in the production of 83 cross-platform television and interactive digital projects ·         $860,575 was invested in the development of

Value to Valuation: How Fans Can Help You Boost Worth

Everybody loves a fan! But what price love? As social networks and other tracking let you put a price on the head of each fan, soon your valuation will rise or fall based on your fan base. Sure, fans can

New media, new television sets, new business model

It has become an annual tradition: As soon as the holidays are over, the tech community descends on Las Vegas to conjure the Ghosts of Gadgets Yet To Come. Sin City’s sprawling Consumer Electronics Show offers a peek at the

Audience Participation: 10 Years of FanTrust

By Curt Cherewayko – Business in Vancouver January 11-17, 2011 If there’s one thing Catherine Warren has learned from her media career, it’s how powerful an audience can be. It’s what convinced her 10 years ago to launch FanTrust Entertainment

Strong Demand for CMF Experimental Stream Funding

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) today announced that the future of content and content delivery in Canada is being bolstered by home grown innovation, as evidenced by the strong demand for funding through the CMF’s Experimental Stream. Applications submitted for

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