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Audience Participation: 10 Years of FanTrust

By Curt Cherewayko – Business in Vancouver January 11-17, 2011 If there’s one thing Catherine Warren has learned from her media career, it’s how powerful an audience can be. It’s what convinced her 10 years ago to launch FanTrust Entertainment

“Play for Free” Announces its Line-up Featuring FanTrust President

Information wants to be free and so do games. But where newspapers, music, and films are struggling to find a way to make money with free content, the games industry is just doing it. Online games have gone up by

Advertising: Virtual worlds, McDonald's and WildTangent

Business models for virtual worlds and casual games are converging. As I mentioned in the blog “Money, Money, Money, Money”, players of the virtual worlds Second Life and Habbo Hotel are encouraged at every turn to purchase virtual goods in