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Top Tips For Connecting to Distributors and Brands

Valuing fans brings producers, distributors and brands together, speaking a common language and putting the committed consumer first. But what does it take for rights-holders to build out a property that appeals to brands and channel partners for a fan-friendly

Value to Valuation: How Fans Can Help You Boost Worth

Everybody loves a fan! But what price love? As social networks and other tracking let you put a price on the head of each fan, soon your valuation will rise or fall based on your fan base. Sure, fans can

Audience Participation: 10 Years of FanTrust

By Curt Cherewayko – Business in Vancouver January 11-17, 2011 If there’s one thing Catherine Warren has learned from her media career, it’s how powerful an audience can be. It’s what convinced her 10 years ago to launch FanTrust Entertainment

Facebook announces changes to its privacy policy

Following over a year-long review by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Facebook announced changes to its privacy policy this morning in response to recommendations made by the Commissioner – improvements and technical changes it says will provide

Been there, done that: Fortified by experience

Most of us in digital media have weathered all kinds of storms. We’ve witnessed the rise and fall and rebirth of convergence; suffered and survived the dot-com bust; raised capital in good times and bad; and generated revenues when people

Session Three: Setting your digital resolutions for 2009

So far in FanTrust’s Setting Your Digital Resolutions series, you’ve identified digital business goals and investigated your fans’ online behaviour … Welcome to the FanTrust guide to digital success – Setting Your Digital Resolutions for 2009. December is traditionally a

ICE Cubes launches online with a podcast featuring FanTrust President Catherine Warren

ICE Cubes – a series of podcasts that examines current trends and news stories in interactive entertainment – launched this week in conjection with the Interactive Content Exchange (ICE) conference. An ICE 2008 advisory board member and presenter, FanTrust President

Disney Films now on Xbox LIVE

Microsoft and Disney announced at the E3 Media and Business summit that a selection of films are available for download on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Classic films and new releases from fifteen of Disney’s partners will be available for download in

Targeted Talent for the Creative Economy

Emily Carr Institute’s Masters of Applied Arts internship e-zine

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