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Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund 2010 Annual Report Now Online

The Bell Fund 2010 Annual Report is now available online at the following link: 2010 Highlights ·         $11,133,214 was invested in the production of 83 cross-platform television and interactive digital projects ·         $860,575 was invested in the development of

CRTC: Netflix Not a Broadcaster; Broadcast Industry Begs to Differ

Let’s play a little game. One of these things is not like the others: CBC, CTV, Global, Netflix. If you guessed Netflix, you win. In the eyes of Canada’s telecommunications authority, the CRTC, Netflix, which allows viewers to stream video

Audience Participation: 10 Years of FanTrust

By Curt Cherewayko – Business in Vancouver January 11-17, 2011 If there’s one thing Catherine Warren has learned from her media career, it’s how powerful an audience can be. It’s what convinced her 10 years ago to launch FanTrust Entertainment

How can you use fan activity to support your main business?

As we’ve seen, the digital world lets you reach audiences directly, eliminate the middle man and disintermediates the big boys. But for many producers, that is a very big leap. Most producers operate as business-to-business companies. Whether you sell TV

'Sanctuary' in Sci Fi's world

Hollywood Reporter article by Nellie Andreeva and Kimberly Nordyke Sci Fi Channel has greenlighted “Sanctuary,” the first television series to use live-action actors against virtual sets in the style of the features “300” and “Sin City.” Sci Fi has ordered

Jericho Fans are Nuts – Update

As an update to my earlier Jericho blog post, CNN Entertainment is now reporting that Jericho fans have shipped a total of 25 tons of nuts to CBS executives in hopes of getting their favorite show back on the air.

Jericho Fans are Nuts

In keeping with the spirit of the show, “Jericho” fans have sent over 13 tons of peanuts to CBS executives after the brass cancelled their favourite show. Many of these fans, who write fan fiction, have seen the success of

ABC to Stream True HD

Disney-ABC Television group will become the first network broadcast television station to stream true High Definition 1280×720 resolution to the personal computer. In early July anyone with a computer and broadband connection can watch shows like “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Lost,” and

Canada Dominates At This Year's International Interactive Emmy Awards

Spotlight shines on Canada in recognition of excellence in the field of interactive and new media television TORONTO, ON The Bell Fund is thrilled to congratulate the Canadian nominees and award recipients at the second International Interactive Emmy Awards held

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