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Top Tips For Connecting to Distributors and Brands

Valuing fans brings producers, distributors and brands together, speaking a common language and putting the committed consumer first. But what does it take for rights-holders to build out a property that appeals to brands and channel partners for a fan-friendly

The Ken Doll Turns 50, and Wins a New Face

The toy maker Mattel is revamping its best-selling Barbie franchise by emphasizing her longtime beau, Ken. The company is bolstering awareness of Barbie’s companion — who celebrated his 50th birthday on March 11 — using social networks like Facebook and Twitterand a series

Value to Valuation: How Fans Can Help You Boost Worth

Everybody loves a fan! But what price love? As social networks and other tracking let you put a price on the head of each fan, soon your valuation will rise or fall based on your fan base. Sure, fans can

Soon, Bloggers Must Give Full Disclosure

On Monday, the F.T.C. said it would revise rules about endorsements and testimonials in advertising that had been in place since 1980. The new regulations are aimed at the rapidly shifting new-media world and how advertisers are using bloggers and

Brands getting in line with women, online

Until recently, few women’s brands were dipping their toes into online advertising. Odd, given that women influence 80% of all consumer purchases made in North America. Weren’t we gals online, too? At last, it seems that brands are catching up