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Apple Message to Wall Street: iWin

By Rolfe Winkley for The Wall Street Journal Apple is breaking the law of large numbers. With revenue up 73% in the quarter through December to $46 billion, the tech giant eclipsed analysts’ expectations by an extraordinary $7 billion. The amount

Apple Cancels iTunes TV Rentals

By Christina Warren for Mashable Apple has axed its TV rental program within iTunes. The company introduced the ability to rent certain episodes of television programs for $0.99 each last September, in conjunction with the rejiggered Apple TV. AllThingsD quotes an Apple spokesman as saying,

Netflix's Chances Remain Higher Than Ever After Rate Hike

By James McQuivy for All through the past decade, observers in industry and on Wall Street have had a handful of reasons to discount Netflix’s efforts. First, they claimed that Netflix could not beat Blockbuster’s entrenched retail presence. Wrong.

Is Apple Losing the Battle Over Rights to Use "App Store"?

The latest wrinkle in the ongoing battle over who can claim rights to “App Store” comes from independent mobile application download service GetJar, which says it will continue using the term. Apple has been trying to gain exclusive rights to

Hollywood Reporter: Business leaders question iTunes guidelines

Response leads Apple to reconsider previously rejected apps Apple’s haphazard app review process has led to a string of recent head-scratchers industry-wide. Apple in early June censored an iPad graphic novel adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest,”

GAMING : Apple's Next Product Also A "Gaming Platform"? [Rumor]

Just like the iPhone and iPod Touch, which are becoming increasingly games-focused as they mature, so too is Apple’s next “big thing” – rumoured to be a tablet computer – getting into games in a big way. According to Barron’s, who cite an analyst that’s claiming to have already touched the device…