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Cannes, France

Wednesday, 14th Feb, 09:45 – 10:30

Join the global audience of Esports delegates to hear about how exciting trends in production, live events coverage, and broadcasting are transforming how fans engage how television is changing up its game.

Esports is arguably the only on-screen form of entertainment that’s grown with fans participating directly. How is this managed so seamlessly? Like any other form of entertainment, streaming Esports focuses on telling compelling stories about players, teams, competitions, leagues and games. This workshop examines how content on Twitch and other platforms gets produced, how methods differ from traditional audiovisual content, and how coverage of live competitions gets translated to the screen—conversations that grow increasingly critical as companies like Disney begin acting strategically to get a bigger slice of the market.

Moderated by: Catherine Warren, President, FanTrust (Canada)

Expert Panelists:
Curt Marvis, CEO, The QYou (USA)
Michiel Bakker, CEO, GINX TV (United Kingdom)
Jordi Roig, Executive Producer, BLAST Pro Series, RFRSH Entertainment (Denmark)
Bertrand Amar, Director of Audiovisual Development, Webedia (France)