ESports & TV Broadcasting: Going Beyond Online Streaming

When: 15 February, Wednesday, 4:45pm
Where: Cannes, France
Event: ESports Bar, the World’s ESports Business Arena

As today’s ESports audience grows online, broadcasters are capitalizing on this new entertainment opportunity and audience. The line between traditional television and Internet broadcasting blurs with each passing year and major networks are taking early steps into the ESports world, by partnering with leagues, brands and game companies to broadcast tournaments on traditional TV.

Join FanTrust President Catherine Warren and fellow panelists to learn how broadcasting rights deals get negotiated. Explore the deal terms and how they differ from traditional sports. Hear success stories and gain insights about fans and players in this billion-dollar marketplace.

 Raoul Leibel, ESports Sales Director, Webedia (France) Stuart Saw, Director of ESports Strategy, Twitch (USA) Mike Sepso, SVP, Activision Blizzard (USA)

 Catherine Warren, President, FanTrust Entertainment Strategies (Canada)