5 Predictions About Mobile Media from Global Experts in 2015

5 Predictions About Mobile Media from Global Experts in 2015

There are around 7 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide.  As today’s mobile and human populations match up, what will happen in the next year and will mobile change our society, our business, our way of living?

We asked members of the World Summit Award Global network about their thoughts and predictions.


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“While it is always risky to look into a crystal ball with anything other than a wink and a nod, it’s fun to speculate about the future of mobile. Mobile entertainment in particular already seems futuristic to me, serving up everything instantly – from TV, film, music, games, sports to the social networks that unite them – all through a device that’s on us at all times, even as we eat, pray, love. What I think we’ll see more of in the year ahead are “media throughlines”, threads that help us binge on our favorite entertainment, and that draw together more about what we already adore across all formats. #Hashtags are a very simple form of what I see coming down the road. They allow people to tag and participate in global conversations. Next, imagine if enhanced hashtags did more work for us, crawling through everything audio, video, text and delivering multimedia content bundles to our mobiles, essentially sensory magazines for our unique enjoyment. Content discovery and packaging will converge.

I also see the relationship between entertainment characters and entertainment fans growing closer and becoming simultaneously more intimate and more automated. Right now, if you Tweet or post as a fan, you are part of an audience conversation. In the future, your comments will be harvested and incorporated into dialogue that your favorite characters send back out into the world.”
— Catherine Warren, Executive Board Member WSA, President FanTrust Entertainment Strategies

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