FanTrust Top YouTube Picks: 2014

FanTrust Top YouTube Picks: 2014

Watch FanTrust’s top YouTube picks from 2014 and see the year flash before your eyes in a good way. From science to comedy, zombies to drones, activism to branded entertainment, we break it down for you, the fans — and for the fans-to-come.



All About That Space

What it is: NASA’s music video parody of “All About That Bass”
Why we love it: Combines the best of space travel and pop culture. Features women in science. Every inch of it is perfect from the bottom to the top. (The NASA gang can’t all dance, but, hey, that orion spacecraft sure can move!)



Serial – The Investor

What it is: Parody of Serial, the world’s most popular podcast
Why we love it: Ever wonder how podcasts make money? Here is your answer! Perfectly captures “Serial” investigative reporter Sarah Koenig’s tone and style. Kept us going between weekly episodes. No video whatsoever. #MailKimp



Hitrecord on TV

What it is: Old-style variety show, new-style production
Why we love it: Emmy award-winning series made by fans. A social TV experience that transitioned from online to on-air. Handsome talent. Live audience. Please turn on your recording devices.



Phantom Drone Flies into Volcano

What it is: Drone-made video
Why we love it: Proof that drones can film where people fear to tread. Fearsome explosions. Rare footage from remote island at risk from climate change. Filmed with a drone, y’all!


Branded Entertainment

A Game of Social Thrones

What it is: A branded entertainment tribute to a game of throne’s title sequence
Why we love it: As fans of title sequences generally (they keep getting better!), we can’t imagine our favorite shows without these sweet, sweet audio and visual overtures. The year’s top pick has to be #TheAffair with Fiona Apple’s original song — but we digress. A Social Game of Thrones features the houses of Twitter and Facebook in gorgeous 3D glory. Produced by Hootsuite, a brand that helps business unite social media’s warring factions.



Explore the Pyramids of Giza with Google Maps

What it is: A 360-degree look at Egypt’s magical site
Why we love it: Most of us would be lost without Google Maps, and Streetview makes the lives of the map-impaired even easier. Here is a close-up perspective on the sands, the structures and the camels seen at this wonder of the world. The next best thing to being there. And no privacy laws appear to be violated.



The Yes Men Prank Homeland Security
(into Adopting 100% Renewable Energy)

What it is: Activist group shows us how it’s done. BAM
Why we love it: The Yes Men use tactical media, humor and wily stuff to infiltrate the echelons of government and commerce. We get to see the results. They have been called “the Jonathan Swift of the Jackass generation” by author Naomi Klein. The Yes Men have impersonated World Trade Organization, Dow Chemical Corporation and Bush administration spokesmen on TV and at global business conferences. Speaking truth to power, these guys make serious things absurdly fun.



Dying Light – “Test Your Survival Skills” Interactive Game Trailer

What it is: An interactive promo for a new cross-platform game Dying Light
Why we love it: Zombie apocalypse meets choose-your-own-adventure. Gameplay on YouTube. Die, or try-try again until you succeed, unlocking different parts of the trailer along the way. “What will YOU do?” Hint: avoid large groups of zombies if you’re not heavily armed.



Pop Danthology 2014

What is it: A year in review mashup of the best pop songs
Why we love it: This “megamix of the hottest tracks” is a brilliantly crafted video that seamlessly meshes sound and video, harmony and dance. The creator, Vancouver’s own Daniel Kim, makes it all look so easy, but it took him 180 hours to produce. Hear some of the year’s best music combined in a fresh work of art all packed into this 5 minute video. For a little extra fun while you move: pull out your smart phone, crank up Shazam and watch the app go a little crazy identifying these tracks.



Wikipedia: #Edit2014

What is it: A recap of the year’s top stories and articles edited by the Wikipedia community
Why we love it: A whirlwind tour of how we search, source and shape history-in-the-making. See what many cared about over the year and across the globe. Watch information and misinformation transform, as the good people at Wikipedia help us tap the world’s shared resource and entreat us to join in. Showcases only Creative Commons images. Nice.


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