VOD Shapeshifting in Europe

VOD Shapeshifting in Europe

A new report reveals the growth and instability of today’s VOD marketplace in Europe, with an in-depth look at:

·       Business and revenue models

·       Geographic origin

·       Type of player (telecom player, broadcaster, etc.)

·       Their (cross-border) audience potential

·       Content catalogues

VoD includes all non-linear audiovisual media services from a media service provider, which allows consumers to select and watch audiovisual content from specific catalogues at the time and place of their choosing.

This European Commission report covers catch-up services, “branded channels” e.g. on iTunes or Xbox, channels on video-sharing platforms, and smartphone or SMART TV applications that permit access to on-demand catalogues, and is categorised according to a few features:

·       The revenue model (TVoD vs. SVoD vs. AVoD)

·       The diffusion technology (OTT vs. walled garden network)

·       The use conditions (DTO vs. rental; download vs. streaming)

You can download the full report by clicking this link: