CMF Contributes $4 Million to 15 POV Documentary Projects

CMF Contributes $4 Million to 15 POV Documentary Projects

Digital media creativity and supplemental interactive content are key components of more than two-thirds of the successful applicants for funding in the latest round of content contributions from the Canada Media Fund.

The CMF reports that it’s making a contribution of $4.0 million to 15 projects that applied to the Convergent Stream’s English POV Program, and that it will continue to support the production of point of view documentaries.

Notably, of the 15 TV projects, 10 have related digital media components also funded by the CMF.

Companion content for one project, called The Magic Bullet, includes the interactive video streaming of live public stunts – such as catching a speeding bullet between the teeth.

The Magic Bullet follows up-and-coming magician Scott Hammell and Gemini Award-winning writer Chris Gudgeon as they try to crack the code of the world’s most dangerous magic trick – and then perform it live.

Not quite as life-threatening, but nevertheless a dangerous act unto itself, the content creators behind Who Is John Zaritsky? will follow the noted Canadian documentary maker as he attempts to make the finest and final work in his long and noteworthy career.

Of the 15 approved POV projects, one is from British Columbia, two are from Nova Scotia, ten are from Ontario, and two are from Québec.

Since 2010, the CMF has provided more than $16 million to 73 projects that applied for POV funding through this program.

The Canada Media Fund fosters, develops, finances and promotes the production of Canadian content and applications for all audiovisual media platforms. The CMF’s funding contributors include Canada’s cable and satellite distributors and the Government of Canada.

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