BroadbandTV Launches BBTV Brand Solutions as Ultimate Video Strategy Solution

BroadbandTV Launches BBTV Brand Solutions as Ultimate Video Strategy Solution

By Nick Krewen for StreamDaily

BroadbandTV founder and CEO Shahrzad Rafati is positioning her company’s new BBTV Brand Solutions as the ultimate video strategy solution one-stop.

With more than 16,000 partners and a monthly reach of 1.7 billion unique views, media and technology company and multi-channel network BroadbandTV and its BBTV Brand Solutions “fulfills a need in terms of having an end-to-end solution,” Rafati tells StreamDaily, adding that optimization modules applied to both small and large brands during the development phase “on average boosts a brand’s viewership and engagement by 34%.”

Featuring a proprietary technology platform called VISO Catalyst that took three years and 30 developers to complete, BBTV Brand Solutions is designed to provide a one-stop video strategy solution that will furnish brands with tools to understand and engage their influencers, create compelling content and optimize their video campaigns. It enables users to monitor key traffic drivers and one-click actions, helping them to better leverage the power of YouTube video.

No wonder Rafati is so excited about her company’s latest venture.

“We wanted to think big and we wanted to have a solution that can be catered to partners of any size,” Rafati tells StreamDaily.

“We believe that this could be the ultimate solution for any brand of any size with respect to monitoring and managing their video strategy with anything that has to do with branded content, so they don’t have to go to different places,” she says. “We connect them with partners within our network and outside our network. And the technology that we built can be applied to content that they created with us and also any piece of media they’ve created so far today with respect to around their products.”

BroadbandTV’s major media partners include FremantleMedia, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and A&E.

It’s been an active couple of weeks for BroadbandTV. Last week, the company announced a deal with FremantleMedia to manage and monetize fan-uploaded content.

In June 2013, it closed an initial funding round of $36 million and an ongoing strategic partnership with leading European entertainment network RTL Group.

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