Vimeo Launches $500K Program Supporting Crowdfunded Films

Vimeo Launches $500K Program Supporting Crowdfunded Films

By Paula Bernstein for Indiewire

Vimeo has launched a $500,000 program to support crowdfunded films, the digital platform announced at Sundance today. Vimeo will review films which have raised $10,000 or more on crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo, Kickstarter and Seed&Spark, and select projects to receive free Vimeo PRO accounts. In exchange for an exclusive digital premiere window on Vimeo on Demand, the company will supply an advance for marketing their films.

This announcement follows Monday’s news that 13 films which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival will make their digital debut in 2014 exclusive on Vimeo On Demand through an innovative offer to filmmakers.

Vimeo will grant free one-year PRO accounts and access to a $500,000 Audience Development Fund to help select filmmakers market their projects. Films selected by Vimeo’s curation team will receive PRO accounts and an advance for marketing support. Vimeo will also help create marketing campaigns on and off in exchange for an exclusive digital premiere window for distribution on Vimeo On Demand.

“Vimeo is committed to empowering filmmakers with the world’s best platform for direct distribution,” said Vimeo General Manager of Audience Networks, Greg Clayman. “While crowdfunding has changed the game in getting films made, Vimeo is taking the next step supporting filmmakers to get their work seen and purchased on Vimeo and across the web.”

Vimeo On Demand is the direct distribution tool that allows all Vimeo PRO subscribers to sell work on Vimeo, on their own sites or embedded across the web. Creators can set their own price, viewing format and geographical availability while retaining full ownership of their work.

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