NBCUniversal Acquires Stake in Lark, Producer of CTV/ABC Crime Series ‘Motive’

NBCUniversal Acquires Stake in Lark, Producer of CTV/ABC Crime Series ‘Motive’

Michael Edelstein, president of NBCUniversal International Television Production, also unveils a first-look and distribution deal with Lark, whose other hit show is “Real Housewives of Vancouver.”

By George Szalai for The Hollywood Reporter

NBCUniversal International Television Production has acquired a minority stake in Canadian independent TV producer Lark Productions, which produces ABC crime series Motive together with Foundation Features.

Michael Edelstein, president of the NBCUniversal unit, and Lark founder and president Louise Clark also announced a new first-look and distribution deal.

Financial details of the agreements weren’t disclosed.

Lark develops scripted and unscripted shows for the Canadian and international markets. Its hit shows include reality show Real Housewives of Vancouver, which it has produced for Shaw and Canada, and Motive for CTV and ABC. Motive, which has also sold across Europe as well as in Australia and Brazil, was a steady ratings draw for ABC over the summer and has been renewed for a second season.

Motive, starring Kristin Lehman and Louis Ferreira as Vancouver homicide detectives, identifies killer and victim at the start of each episode before explaining the connection between them.

NBCUniversal said its investment in Lark “further cements an already close collaborative working relationship that began with Lark’s inception in 2010,” when the entertainment giant provided development financing and acted as an international distributor for several productions.

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