thePlatform Launches Framework Enabling Cloud Delivery for Pay-TV Services

thePlatform Launches Framework Enabling Cloud Delivery for Pay-TV Services

By Will Richmond for VideoNuze

thePlatform is announcing a new “Virtual TV Framework” today, that allows pay-TV operators to deliver their full linear and on-demand services via the cloud, to any connected/mobile device. Until now, pay-TV operators have mostly offered only VOD or a limited set of linear channels as part of their TV Everywhere initiatives. Now the new Virtual TV Framework will allow them to replicate all of their services for cloud-based delivery.

It’s no secret that the landscape for video services has become much more competitive with the advent of innovative OTT options from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and others, so consumers are expecting more from their pay-TV operators. As well, given the high price of pay-TV service, delivering more value has become a key industry priority – this is the essential role of TV Everywhere.

thePlatform has created an open framework that capitalizes on existing pay-TV infrastructure, 3rd party partners’ technology (accessed via open APIs) and the company’s own mpx video management platform.

It’s been 4+ years that the pay-TV industry has been talking about TV Everywhere and delivering services to connected and mobile devices, yet rollouts have been very much hodgepodge. Part of this is due to rights and other business side issues that still need to be resolved. thePlatform is helping demonstrate that as the business side issues clear up, the technology to deliver on TV Everywhere’s promise is ready to go.

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