BroadbandTV Launches VISO Catalyst Platform to Support Channel Partners

BroadbandTV Launches VISO Catalyst Platform to Support Channel Partners

By BroadbandTV via the National Post

BroadbandTV, YouTube’s fourth largest Multi-Channel Network, has just officially launched VISO Catalyst, its powerful web-platform that enables channel partners to optimize their video content and save time and money by more effectively managing their digital assets. Benchmarking analysis across 1062 videos uncovered that on average, users of VISO Catalyst benefit from an approximate 34% increase in viewership of their content in just 30 days.

The new platform is engineered to overcome the hurdle that many content owners and creators currently face: the ability to quickly access and act upon clear and valuable insights from their videos. It displays vital information upfront, including estimated monthly revenue, number of views, number of subscribers and amount of time viewed. The intuitive platform also provides its users with scalable tools and solutions not available elsewhere in the market, including constantly evolving keyword and thumbnail optimization, smart engagement and protection, and video deployment and customization tools.

“We want BBTV channel partners to be as successful as possible, spending less time preparing and analyzing data and more time doing what they love: creating videos,” said Founder and CEO, BroadbandTV, Shahrzad Rafati. “BBTV is committed to developing the most effective tools available and continuing to demonstrate why it is the most advanced MCN in the business.”

VISO Catalyst comes at no cost to existing VISO and TGN partners and is now officially launched in open beta.

“We have some of the best and brightest minds in our research and engineering labs developing compelling algorithms that can deliver outstanding results at scale for our content providers,” said Mehrdad Fatourechi, BroadbandTV’s Chief Technology Officer. “We strongly believe that our users benefit from the most intuitive tool available. Our platform isn’t just informational – it allows our partners to grow their channels by pushing them forward with clear, valuable insights.”

Available in closed beta since June 2013, 55,000 videos have utilized the VISO Catalyst solution to date. Canadian partner Jake McCormick, comments: “Not only can I more accurately forecast my income, but I’ve already seen a dramatic impact on my viewership, I’ve experienced 51% viewership growth in just 60 days and my number of subscribers has increased by an impressive 113%.”

This feeling is seconded by US channel partner Christopher, E., who said: “In just two months of using VISO Catalyst, my views have increased, my revenue has jumped by 29% and I’ve gained 4062 new subscribers, a significant number for a channel my size. I’m thrilled with the results, its simple interface and alerts keep me focused on becoming more successful.”

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