Is Pinterest TV’s Next Second Screen?

Is Pinterest TV’s Next Second Screen?

This is what FanTrust is asking after Pinterest announced some exciting changes that could mean a closer tie between the widely popular social platform and television.

But first, from the Pinterest blog:

“When you find something you love on Pinterest, sometimes you want to learn more so you can act on baking those cookies, streaming that movie, or buying that couch. That’s why we’re taking a first step toward making pins more useful. We’re also making it easier to pin no matter where you are.

Here’s how:

Movie pins offer content ratings, cast members, audience reviews and more

From your feed, you can tell when a pin has more information by the icon that appears below the picture. We’ll also update all of your old pins so they’re more useful, too.”

The blog goes on to list all of the brands that are already aligning with Pinterest for more meaningful information attached to pins, but what does that mean for television?

Pinterest lists “Flikster, Netflix, Rotten Tomatoes” to help people to find their favorite movies. It’s a small leap from here to television and this could mean the dawn of a new era: Pinterest as Second Screen.

Two days after the announcement 53,000 followers have joined the official film board and comments are flooding in. The movies range from new to old and everything in between. This instant engagement proves that the Pinterest community is primed for deeper social integration with linear content.

Imagine watching a new episode of Arrested Development and pinning it while you watch. Buster says one of the funniest things you ever heard and you pin that quote to a board. Your friends see this and tune in. Sure enough, the competition for who can match the quote with the character begins. Or shop “in-episode” with a Real Housewife from her Rodeo Drive Pinboard. How about exclusive fashion Pins for Mad Men fans who check-in through Pinterest?

The movie changes were made just two short days ago and only time will tell what Pinterest and the world’s Pinners have in store.

But clearly now is the time for producers, distributors and broadcasters to advance their thinking about how to make the most of Pinterest for Television.

When the planet’s bulletin board becomes everybody’s second screen, you’ll be ready.