Network Entertainment Announces a Collaboration with Imagination Films and TechBA Vancouver on Animated Feature Film

Network Entertainment Announces a Collaboration with Imagination Films and TechBA Vancouver on Animated Feature Film

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, February 7, 2013 – Network Entertainment Inc. (“Network”), a subsidiary of Network Media Group Inc is pleased to announce a collaboration with TechBA, a business acceleration program funded by the government of Mexico, and Imagination Films, one of Mexico’s leading 3D animation studios. Under this collaboration, Network Entertainment President Paul Gertz will produce Imagination Films’ next film, tentatively entitled “Upgrade”, and Network will work with Imagination Films and TechBA to advance the distribution and ancillary opportunities for the film in the global market.

The collaboration was architected by Federico Goroztieta, TechBA Vancouver CEO, who sought out Mr. Gertz to consult with Imagination Films, one of the companies in his business acceleration TechBA portfolio. “Paul’s decades of experience in producing animation, from high budget studio feature films to animated television series, has proven invaluable as Imagination Films lifts their studio to a new level”, stated Mr. Goroztieta, “The first step in this evolution is the construction of a new state of the art facility in the city of Queretaro, where Upgrade will be produced.”

Imagination Films Founder and CEO Ricardo Gomez, one of Mexico’s most innovative and distinguished animation filmmakers, has brought together key joint venture partners from industry, government and academia to create the groundbreaking Animation Development Center in Queretaro. The Animation Development Center will provide artists with the skills required to work in the global animation community, as well as train the crew that will produce Upgrade. “The crew, our financial backers, and our government partners have all been energized by Paul’s involvement in Upgrade”, says Mr. Gomez, “and we are looking forward to not only his creative contributions, but the marketing and distribution support that Network will be seeking on behalf of the film.”

Network’s latest production is Stanley’s Game Seven, a 3D film produced for the Hockey Hall of Fame which combines original 3D live action filming, photorealistic CGI animation and archival footage. “After just completing our first 3D film, I can attest to the incredible challenges involved, which Ricardo and the talented crew at Imagination Films mastered during the production of their last film,” adds Mr. Gertz, “Not only do I know that Upgrade will be a first class animated film, but our Network team is equally confident in our ability to bring wider distribution and ancillary opportunities to the company, while at the same time exposing the world to the wonderful work being done by the Mexican animation industry.”

About TechBA: TechBA is a program run by the US-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC) and supported by Mexico’s Secretary of Economy, created to help provide access to the most dynamic business ecosystems for small and medium sized technology-based Mexican businesses interested in expanding into global markets. With eight locations in highly technologically competitive environments, its objective is to position Mexico as a world-class technology provider.

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