Bell Fund Sponsors International Digital Emmy Awards and Celebrates Canada’s Nominees

Bell Fund Sponsors International Digital Emmy Awards and Celebrates Canada’s Nominees

Toronto, February 21, 2013 – Canada has received three nominations from amongst 12 projects representing 10 countries nominated for this year’s International Digital Emmy® Awards. The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences today announced that Guidestones (, produced by iThentic and 3 o’ and Temps Mort 3 (, produced by Productions Babel have received nominations in the category of Digital Program: Fiction. In addition, the Bell Fund supported co-production Dirtgirlworld – dig it all! ( was nominated in Digital Program: Children & Young People and was produced by Australia’s mememe productions and Canada’s dirtgirlworld productions (DHX Media).

The Bell Fund is also pleased to announce its new sponsorship of the 2013 Digital Emmy® Awards and the awards ceremony to be held during MIPTV’s Opening night activities on Monday, April 8, in Cannes, France. More than 200 international executives across all sectors of the mobile, entertainment and internet industries are expected to attend.

All of the 12 nominated programs will be showcased at MIPCube during a special session, also sponsored by the Bell Fund, giving MIPTV participants a chance to see the best in digital media and meet the nominees.

“As high-caliber digital media matures internationally, it is great to see Canada continuing its leadership trajectory,” said Catherine Warren, Bell Fund board member and president of FanTrust Entertainment Strategies. “The Digital Emmy® Awards in Cannes celebrate the best interactive programs in a perfect mash-up of high glamour and diligent judging, making this the key annual gathering that unites our largely virtual profession,” said Warren, who is also a member of the International Academy and will moderate this joint MIPCube session.

The Bell Fund congratulates all of the 2013 Digital Emmy® Award nominees from around the world.




Inspired by true events, Guidestones is the story of two journalism students who uncover a global conspiracy while investigating an unsolved murder.

Sandy Rai (Supinder Wraich) is an exchange student from India, studying journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. While working on a photojournalism assignment with fellow student Trevor Shale (Dan Fox), they’re led to the Georgia Guidestones, an enigmatic monument located in a farmer’s field in Elbert County, Georgia. Made of granite and 20 feet tall, the structure is inscribed with 10 guidelines for rebuilding civilization after the apocalypse.

The story they uncover exposes a hidden cabal involving some of the world’s most powerful people and their plans for the destruction and reconstruction of modern global civilization.

Director: Jay Ferguson

Producers: Jonas Diamond, Jay Ferguson iThentic


Temps mort – Saison 3 – La communauté


On September 13th 2013, a cataclysm occurs. The power is out and snow starts falling on Montreal. 255 days later, all is frozen and most people have died of cold. After weeks on the road, Joel and Chloe find a community of survivors. However, something way more dangerous than the cold awaits them: human behavior under extreme conditions.

Director: Éric Piccoli

Producer: Marco Frascarelli Tou.Tv


Dirtgirlworld – dig it all!


“Dig it all” is a fully immersive and safe environment where kids can come to play, learn, create and widen their horizons globally. dirtgirlworld online provides an intuitive and explorative virtual world filled with sound, colour, and playful interactive experiences all with a great sense of humour.

Dig it all includes age appropriate information and activities, dovetailed with previously broadcast and downloadable content to provide eco-tips on sustainable living, climate change, reusing resources, gardening and other eco-issues in an active, positive and entertaining way.

Dig it all is all about encouraging positive participation in the real world, about things that are important to kids. It is about encouraging our audience, both young and old, to participate in a meaningful way and celebrate life … outside.

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Update: Join FanTrust president and Bell Fund board member Catherine Warren at MIPCube and meet the 2013 International Digital Emmy Awards nominees April 8 from 4:15 to 5:15pm in MIPCube Agora, Level 1 Palais des Festivals.

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