A new record for video game crowdfunding at $6.2M

A new record for video game crowdfunding at $6.2M

Wing Commander and Privateer creator Chris Roberts’ return to game development, a new space sim called Star Citizen, is the new king of video game crowdfunding campaigns.

Between contributions sent to its homegrown crowdfunding website and the Kickstarter page that became necessary when it was overwhelmed with traffic, the game has brought in over $6.2 million in funding.

That total easily surpasses the previous record-holder, Obsidian’s old-fashioned RPG Project Eternity, which brought in just over $4 million.

“In recent years, game designers have stopped innovating and pushing the boundaries of what you can do in this genre,” Roberts recently told Gamasutra. “I plan on bringing that kind of development mentality back into PC gaming, and space sims in particular.”

This is an excerpt. Click here to read the full article on Gamasutra. For more information on the campaign, click here for the Star Citizen Kickstarter campaign and here for the custom funding website.