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Engage & Play – Catherine Warren

From Catherine Warren: A Long Engagement: Commit Early and Build Fans for Life Catherine’s lecture was about fans and all the different kinds of fans that exist. Fans have become a huge part of game creation/movie productions etc. Fans

A new record for video game crowdfunding at $6.2M

Wing Commander and Privateer creator Chris Roberts’ return to game development, a new space sim called Star Citizen, is the new king of video game crowdfunding campaigns. Between contributions sent to its homegrown crowdfunding website and the Kickstarter page that became necessary when it was overwhelmed

Engage & Play Game Seminar

A Long Engagement: Commit Early and Build Fans for Life Fans used to be the “light at the end of a tunnel”, the byproduct after years of development, grinding production and massive marketing outreach. Today, FanBuilding can begin before everything else.