Indie Game Innovator Minority Media Taps FanTrust for Digital Strategy & Community Building

Indie Game Innovator Minority Media Taps FanTrust for Digital Strategy & Community Building

With support from Sony’s PSN Pub Fund and the Canadian Media Fund,
Minority launches Papo & Yo, heralding the next generation in “meaningful games”


VANCOUVER, BC – August 15, 2012 – Triple A game developer Minority Media, the creators of Papo & Yo for Sony’s PlayStation® Network, has retained FanTrust Entertainment Strategies to help build the emerging global audience for story-driven, meaningful video games.

Early reviews for Papo & Yo have been outstanding and focus on the interplay of arresting art, powerful music and the underlying narrative of a young boy’s troubled relationship with his father rendered as a brilliant allegory between a monster and his small friend. The Official PlayStation magazine calls Papo & Yo “one of the most powerful and impactful games we’ve ever played.”

“FanTrust was a natural choice for us to grow and support international audiences at the intersection of social media, gaming and meaningful gameplay,” said Minority Media Chief Business Development Officer Catherine Bainbridge. “With its track-record in digital hit-making and an approach that unites storytelling and story-listening across communities, FanTrust is a great fit for our team, our games and our fans.”

Lush visuals and intoxicating music form the backdrop for Papo & Yo’s emotional journey set in the magical realism of South America. Papo & Yo gamers play the role of a boy named Quico trying to save the life of his best friend, the massive Monster addicted to the toxic frogs that infest their village. When Monster doesn’t eat the poison frogs lurking in this 3D puzzle adventure, Monster is Quico’s pal. But when he devours them, he becomes terrible and violent. For game creator Vander Caballero, the experience reflects his own childhood grappling with his father’s crippling addiction to alcohol.

“Minority Media gives its audience something to really sink its teeth into, games based on the best and worst of human nature, profound personal relationships and intractable fears. This is the stuff of sharing and of memories that we look for — and what makes for a vibrant community experience online,” said FanTrust President Catherine Warren.

Papo & Yo is available now on the PlayStation® Network for $14.99 ($11.99 for PS PLUS members) as part of the second annual PlayStation Network (PSN) PLAY promotion.

About Minority Media Inc.
Minority is an independent game development studio based in Montreal, Quebec. Founded in 2010 by Vander Caballero, former Design Director at EA Montreal, through a partnership with Rezolution Pictures, an award-winning film and television production company, Minority is the home for passionate and experienced creators who cannot stand to develop yet more shooter games. Its first game Papo & Yo is available on the PlayStation® Network.
Twitter: @we_are_minority
YouTube: Papo & Yo Launch Trailer 

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