Portlandia Wins Peabody Award

Portlandia Wins Peabody Award

By Kristi Turnquist

As if 2012 hadn’t already been the year “Portlandia”  achieved pop culture domination, now the IFC sketch comedy series has won a Peabody Award.

Today, the 71st annual Peabody Awards winners were announced, and among the 38 recipients was”Portlandia,” recognized as “A funhouse mirror reflection of Portland, Oregon, a city that takes its progressivism — and its diet — very seriously. The satire is fresh, organic and cage-free.”

Yes, well. Today’s list of George Foster Peabody Awards, given by the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, honor the best in electronic media for 2011.

Among the entertainment programs joining “Portlandia” in the winners’ circle: The Showtime series, “Homeland”; NBC’s delightful “Parks and Recreation” (if only awards were ratings);”The Colbert Report — Super PAC Segments”; the public radio oral history project,”StoryCorps”: HBO’s “Treme” (speaking of needing a little ratings help); HBO’s hit, “Game of Thrones”; “Austin City Limits”; and “Jeopardy!”

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