VUDU Brings Its Video-On-Demand Service To The iPad Via Web App

VUDU Brings Its Video-On-Demand Service To The iPad Via Web App

By Graham Spencer for

Amazon wasn’t the only content provider to launch an iPad web app today, with VUDU also bringing its video-on-demand service to the iPad via a web app. VUDU, which is owned by Walmart and claims to be “a leading subscription-free, video-on-demand movie service” chose to optimise the site for the iPad and now streams videos in h.264 – although unfortunately the videos are only in standard definition due to licensing restrictions (some Disney films are also missing from the catalogue).

Edward Lichty, General Manager of VUDU, said of the iPad launch that it “plays into that vision as we’re committed to offering the VUDU experience on as many devices as possible so customers can shop for and access their favorite movies and TV shows however they want, whenever they want”.

What this means in part is that any movie rented or purchased on the iPad VUDU website is also viewable on any other device that supports VUDU – which Walmart claims is more than 300 consumer electronic devices. According to Engadget, you canwatch VUDU on the iPhone through this same web app despite the UI not yet being optimized for it – but don’t be disappointed if this doesn’t work well or if VUDU stops this soon.

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