Being Busy’s No Curse for Jason Priestley

Being Busy’s No Curse for Jason Priestley

Jason Priestley has found Haven in Nova Scotia, which seems fitting since he once unknowingly provided haven for the series’ producer.

The Vancouver native has been based for years in places like New York and Los Angeles (he’s now a naturalized American citizen), but for the past two years he’s been working a lot on Canada’s East Coast, first on his own series Call Me Fitz (returning this fall to The Movie Network/Movie Central) and now on Haven, returning for a second season Monday at 10 p.m. on Showcase.

Based on Stephen King’s The Colorado KidHaven stars Emily Rose as a former FBI agent who forms a supernatural swat team with a local cop (Lucas Bryant) and a crafty smuggler (Eric Balfour). A town full of suspects with supernatural powers keeps them busier than Mulder and Scully in their prime.

This season, Priestley joins the series as Chris Brody, the son of Haven’s late, great mayor. Like everybody else in the New England town, the antsy marine biologist has a special “gift” most would consider a blessing but that he considers a curse.

Excerpt from an article by Bill Brioux for the Toronto Star. Click here for the full article.