Top Tips For Connecting to Distributors and Brands

Top Tips For Connecting to Distributors and Brands

Valuing fans brings producers, distributors and brands together, speaking a common language and putting the committed consumer first.

But what does it take for rights-holders to build out a property that appeals to brands and channel partners for a fan-friendly online success?

Here are FanTrust’s top tips for connecting content creators and rights-holders with distributors and brands.

· Work in parallel with prospective sponsors and distributors before signing your deals

· Determine where you are on the spectrum of commercial versus pure-play content:

  • Content only
  • Sponsored/underwritten
  • Branded entertainment

· Create a premium package for any sponsor:

  • Audience (either massive = 50m monthly impressions; or supremely desirable and targeted)
  • Content (feature a popular star or popular online genre, such as comedy)
  • Distribution destinations (deploy on the brand’s channels as well as relevant destinations and portals)

· Obtain projections for traffic based on similar content for every distribution channel

· To negotiate the best deals with brands and distributors, come to the table with an audience (e.g. via social media or the stars/bands featured in your content)