Canada Media Fund Invests $11.5 million in 36 New Interactive Projects

Canada Media Fund Invests $11.5 million in 36 New Interactive Projects

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) today announced an investment of $11.5 million in 36 new innovative interactive projects submitted in the second round of its Experimental Stream. The CMF offers financial assistance to support projects at various stages: production, development or marketing.

In production, the CMF is investing $8.6 million in 17 new projects: 8 games, 4 websites, 4 mobile applications and 1 software application. Six of these projects are in English, 3 are French and 8 are bilingual. The average commitment to each project is $509,000. Two projects are being carried out in British Columbia, 1 in Manitoba, 6 in Ontario and 8 in Quebec.

In development, the CMF is investing $1.9 million in 13 projects. The average amount offered for each project is $150,000. For marketing assistance, the CMF is investing $960,000 in 6 projects, with an average contribution of $160,000.

“We’re proud to be able to announce our participation in funding these projects. The wealth of content and technological innovation demonstrated in the selected projects is truly remarkable”, said Valerie Creighton, President and CEO of the CMF. “The new approaches found to engage with users truly enrich the quality of our project portfolio. It’s a statement to the creativity and vitality of the Canadian interactive digital media industry.”

Production projects were assessed by a jury of Canadian and international industry experts, including FanTrust Entertainment Strategies president Catherine Warren, who also served as the jury chair for it inaugural competition.

Since the creation of its Experimental Stream in 2010, the Canada Media Fund has invested $27 million in 81 innovative interactive projects.

Click here for the list of winners and here for the full CMF press release.