Friends of FanTrust Partner Up For Charity: United Way and BroadbandTV

Friends of FanTrust Partner Up For Charity: United Way and BroadbandTV

BroadbandTV Corp. recently launched a YouTube destination to get your social good on. The site, named VISO Give, aggregates pre-existing video content from non-profits, sorts it by company name and type of cause, and lets you watch or search for your favorites.

VISO Give features videos from celebrities like the cast members of Community asking you not to text while driving, Usher speaking about getting out the vote and Nick Jonas promoting music education outreach on behalf of However, the channel also gives equal billing to smaller non-profits like a bobcat rescue or regional homeless job centers that might not have the same exposure or celebrity backing.

What makes the site interesting is its emphasis on providing a service not just to users looking for videos, but to the non-profits looking for help. Charities usually have to fight for two things: exposure and funding. VISO Give helps with both. VISO, the consumer branch of BroadbandTV, already rakes in more than 1 billion impressions through YouTube, via its video game and movie trailers channels.

That built-in fan base will hopefully convert to the new channel and send new eyeballs to non-profits of all sizes.

VISO Give has already partnered with a number of non-profits, including Livestrong and the United Way, but hopes to expand and grow its catalogue.

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If you would like to donate by simply watching a video, check out VISO Give

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