Netflix to launch streaming video service in Canada

Netflix to launch streaming video service in Canada

American online movie rental giant Netflix is coming to Canada, a move that is set to send shockwaves through the country’s entertainment industry.

The company already offers more than 17,000 movies and TV shows through its Internet-based Watch Instantly service. For $9 U.S. per month, subscribers in the U.S. can watch as many of those movies and TV shows as they want, all commercial free and on-demand.

The company has revealed very little details about its Canadian expansion, except to say Monday it will be available this fall. Canada will be the first market outside of the U.S. to get access to Netflix.

“We have aspirations to expand internationally. We chose Canada because of its proximity to the U.S., the available content we are acquiring and the broadband penetration (high speed Internet) is very strong,” said Steve Swasey, vice-president of corporate communications. “It was just a natural choice.”

Excerpt from Vito Pilieci’s article in the Ottawa Citizen. You can read the full article here.