dimeRocker Opens Platform For Unity Developers To Socialize and Monetize Games

dimeRocker Opens Platform For Unity Developers To Socialize and Monetize Games

San Francisco, California – March 11, 2010 – OverInteractive Media Inc. (OMI) announced the official open-beta release of dimeRocker, the company’s premiere self-publishing platform that enables Unity developers to deploy and monetize their games across the social web from a single, centralized account.

The launch will allow Unity game developers – representing a growing base and 100,000 downloads of Unity’s engine to date – to create an account at https://www.dimerocker.com and access an ever-growing feature-set that includes the following turn-key API:

  • Deployment to Social Networks (Facebook and MySpace )
  • Real-time global and Social Leaderboards
  • Achievements
  • Scalable Hosting
  • Social Engagement (Wall Posts, Challenges, etc.)
  • Microtransaction System

“These initial beta developers will be invaluable in helping to shape dimeRocker’s technology moving forward, and will receive many ‘first-look’ opportunities as we roll out new tools and services,” said OverInteractive Media CEO Jason Joly. “We currently have more than 150 Unity developers signed and expect to see more exciting games tapping our platform in coming months.”

In tandem with the open-beta launch of dimeRocker, OMI is showcasing two next-gen social games inside the Unity booth at GDC.  The first, “Air Traffic Commander,” developed by Downtown East Side Games, in partnership with Complex Games, shows-off a wide range of dR functionality from social engagement to microtransactions.

The second is a browser-version of the popular iPhone/iTouch title “Battle Bears”, downloaded more than two million times via Apple’s App store.  The game took under two weeks to port over to the web and deploy via dimeRocker.  SkyVu Pictures, the company behind “Battle Bears” sees this opportunity as way to not only market the App, but also provide a secondary stream of revenue from social networks like Facebook with its 400 million users.

“DimeRocker is bringing consumers and developers together in the explosive world of 3D social games,” said FanTrust Entertainment Strategies President Catherine Warren, who also serves as a board director of OMI. “Facebook and other social network fans are now looking for immersive entertainment environments as part of their gameplay experience.” In coming months, OMI will keep expanding the dimeRocker platform by offering real-time analytics, in-game advertising and iPhone connectivity.

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