CBC’s The Nature of Things Takes "One Ocean" to New Interactive Depths

CBC’s The Nature of Things Takes "One Ocean" to New Interactive Depths

In an ambitious and provocative new 4-part series exploring our global ocean, CBC’s THE NATURE OF THINGS with David Suzuki brings to audiences a unique, investigative look at the water that covers more than 70 percent of our planet.

With games, a pledge and more, cbc.ca/oneocean accompanies the series, airing on Thursdays through to March 25th, further educating and entertaining audiences about the wonders and challenges facing our oceans.

The One Ocean Pledge is an open call to think resourcefully, reduce consumption and waste, and get involved in protecting aquatic ecosystems. Among the 50 pledge points addressing issues such as coral depletion, deadzones, overfishing and pollution, participants can pledge from a range of choices to change their actions. Examples range from activities such as supporting conservation organizations to refraining from de-icing sidewalks with salt.

Pledge activists can earn virtual eco-points making One Ocean commitments. These points can be used to play The Biosphere, an online 3D game that allows users to create their own marine reserve, play video games to help balance the health of their ecosystem, explore landscapes from deep ocean trenches to colourful coral reefs and swim virtually with prehistoric creatures.

“This combination of evocative television series, immersive game, action-oriented pledge and social networking represents the next generation of environmental education and entertainment,” said Catherine Warren, president of FanTrust Entertainment Strategies, which provides community-building strategies and tactics for One Ocean Interactive, produced by clients Merit Motion Pictures and Tactica Interactive.

The Biosphere is built using Unity, the innovative 3D social gaming engine, and will be available on Facebook as well as www.cbc.ca/oneocean

The One Ocean Pledge also makes use of Facebook Connect functionality, allowing participants to help spread the word about the importance of ocean conservation as well as what can be done to help.

Finally, Ocean Explorer takes users on guided tours of the ocean using Google Earth’s satellite and sonar imagery. Historical timelines, profiles of sea life, experts, and creators of the series and website are also available, along with new webisodes and podcasts.

Conservation partners currently promoting the One Ocean pledge include:

David Suzuki Foundation

Canadian Wildlife Foundation

Living Oceans Society

One Ocean is co-produced by CBC’s The Nature of Things and Merit Motion Pictures (The Science of the Senses, The Truth About Liars and The Secret World of Shoplifting), in association with National Geographic Channel, and with the participation of the Canadian Television Fund, Manitoba Film & Music, the Government of Canada – Canadian Film and Video Production Tax Credit and the Government of Manitoba – Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax Credit.

www.cbc.ca/oneocean is co-produced by Merit Motion Pictures and Tactica Interactive Communications, in association with CBC’s The Nature of Things, and with the participation of the Canadian Television Fund, the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, and the Government of Manitoba – Manitoba Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit.