2009 World Summit Award

2009 World Summit Award

2009 World Summit Award Winners Conference: e-Entertainment & Games Winners’ Panel

Catherine Warren, President of FanTrust Entertainment Strategies, moderates the World Summit Award (WSA) winners panel for e-Entertainment & Games in Monteray, Mexico September 3, 2009, from 2-2:45pm.

The WSA selects, showcases and celebrates the most outstanding e-Content and innovative internet applications worldwide.

The 2009 e-Entertainment & Games winners are:

  • My Machine (Belgium) – Aagje Beirens
  • Casebook (New Zealand) – Jan Bieringa

My Machine bridges students of primary, secondary and higher education. The interactive website encourages primary age students to imagine and produce ideas about their own “dream machine”. Subsequently, students of higher education course, such as engineering, translate these ideas into workable designs, publishing their endeavours to the virtual online community. Finally, pupils from technical secondary schools use the online material to produce real prototypes of the ‘dream machines’.

The project has been adopted by the local and regional government (Flanders) and by various companies that have become corporate partners of MyMachine.

Casebook is a forensic investigation game which utilizes patented AREO technology to enable the player to fully explore 3D photoreal crime scenes. Gameplay is interspersed with over 30 minutes of cinematics, featuring real actors starring in genuine sets, and convincing crime scenes. The AREO technology captures the film scenes with tens of thousands of digital photos which, when stitched together, create an interactive environment rich in detail. Considering the massive amount of data captured, the ‘magic’ of the technology is that the game, which contains 100,000 plus digital photos, ships as a 1GB size file and is downloadable.

In this moderated panel, the winners will present their awarded projects, share their visions on ICT, creativity and innovation, and share insights into their experiences developing and producing online properties.