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Dear Malcolm: Why so threatened?

Chris Anderson responds to Malcolm Galdwell’s critique of Free on his blog, The Long Tail

Chris Anderson vs Malcolm Gladwell: The Freestyle Fight

The battle of pop sociologists just got a lot more interesting: in the latest issue of New Yorker magazine, Malcolm Gladwell does a fisking of Wired editor Chris Anderson’s new book “ Free ”, the book about the future of pricing and the value of IP (and by definition business models) in a digital …

Using Pixton Comics to teach Shakespeare, teachers win Time Warner Cable's Spotlight on Education Award

Can comics and Shakespeare co-exist in the classroom? One innovative program in Texas is now a model for how kids can get creative with Shakespeare by making and sharing digital comics using Pixton, the groundbreaking online comic-builder. The Miller Junior

Twitter Users Buy More Music: Report

A new NPD Group study finds that active Twitter users buy 77 percent more digital music downloads on average than non-users.

MediaDailyNews: Web Futures: Monetize Monetize Monetize

The impact of accelerating pay models cannot be underestimated: Newspaper publishers and studios will reconsider charging for online content, while consumers’ love of devices and what they load on them could cripple the Freemium paradigm.

Canadian Entertainment and Media Spending to Rise

Spending in Canadian E&M is projected to grow at just over two per cent per year, reaching over USD $36 billion by 2013.

Facebook adds trade mark protection to vanity URL plan

Social networking site Facebook has put trade mark protections in place ahead of a move this weekend to allow users to register domain names for their profile pages. One trade mark expert has said that the measures are more than

The Facebook Brand Grab Begins Saturday

As of 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time on June 13, Facebook is letting page owners create the vanity URLs that many have been clamoring for. That means pages will be able to shed their lengthy addresses in favor of one that becomes

nextMEDIA BANFF Wraps And Unveils Innovation Week Coming To Toronto

As nextMEDIA Banff wrapped its final day Innovation Week was unveiled to an international delegation of digital media creators and social media mavens. Innovation week is a ground-breaking event that merges nextMEDIA, the Canadian New Media Awards and Canadian Innovation

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