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Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund releases 2008 annual report

In 2008, the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund invested nearly $12M in over a hundred projects including 62 new media and related television productions, and the development of 24 new media projects. You can view the full Bell Fund

Video Insider: How Can Independent Video Producers Compete In The Super-Premium Era?

There’s a great amount of buzz about “TV Everywhere” — everywhere! And while many consumers will be thrilled to have access to the video content they pay to see at home — everywhere — independent content producers have good reason to worry about the “big boys” moving in on their turf. After all, wasn’t the vacuum created by the lack of legal super-premium content the reason for the great success of independent video over the last four years? Not completely.

The Crusaders Hit Cannes – MIPTV 2009 Summary

By Guy Gadney for The Project Factory At the turn of the first millennium, Christians set off on Crusades. They left their families at home, dressed up in fancy gear to conquer exotic territories and came back with heroic stories

Creative tension as finalists pitch in for Content 360 awards

Finalists at the Content 360 Interactive Educational Formats for Cross-Media – held at MIPTV in Cannes, France –  battled it out in five-minute pitching sessions to jurors Hye Chung Eun, senior researcher at the Korean Broadcast Institute, and Catherine Warren,

Boost Your Brand with Twitter

With functionalities like linking and retweeting, Twitter can be an excellent means for viral marketing and content sharing – in February 2009, Web measurement firm Hitwise reported that Twitter sent nearly 20% of traffic to entertainment sites. To help you

Boost Your Brand with Twitter – FanTrust's Top Tips

To help you understand the whats, whys and hows of Twitter, FanTrust has published “Boost your Brand with Twitter” with our top tips for deploying real-time short messages to advance your entertainment business in the marketplace. Through linking and social

Fans control online games, MIP delegates learn

Companies may create online games, but the fans ultimately control them, Hilmar Petursson, CEO of CCP Games, told a conference on community entertainment today.

Demonstrating his Eve Online massively multiplayer sci-fi online game, which has 300,000 players – equal to the population of…

Disney Interactive's Cindy Rose delivers eye-opening keynote

Television is just the tip of the entertainment iceberg for today’s consumers, Cindy Rose, senior vice-president and managing director of Disney Interactive Media Group, EMEA, said in her keynote on cross-platform gaming.

With a sequence of 10 slides and a battery of statistics, she…