Watchmen MMORPG coming to the iPhone/ iPod Touch [jkOnTheRun]

Watchmen MMORPG coming to the iPhone/ iPod Touch [jkOnTheRun]

Watchmen-mania is in full swing and Warner Bros. is taking advantage of it with the announcement that the Watchmen: Justice is Coming game will be released for the iPhone/ iPod Touch in March. This is touted as a massive, online multiplayer game that will let players roam the streets of New York City to wreak havoc or prevent it, as desired.


Screenshots from the game look pretty darn good given the small screen of the iPhone/ iPod and the feature list is pretty impressive:

  • Rich real-time 3-D environments with 1,000’s of other player-characters in-game
  • Create your own Watchmen avatar with unique look, skills, and costumes
  • Battle online foes through strategic 3-D combat engine
  • Socialize with other online characters with in-game chat feature
  • Unique player identity with persistent game-play progress and stats
  • Adventure through five vast environments completing story objectives (Downtown, Red Light District, Cemetery, Financial District, City Park)

No word on pricing for the game has been provided as yet.