13 iPhone Games Based On Movies [TheAppleBlog]

13 iPhone Games Based On Movies [TheAppleBlog]

Movie/game tie-ins are as old as the original NES and, as a booming gaming platform, the iPhone/iPod touch are no less susceptible to this continuing trend. To that end, here’s a listing of games for your touch device that are based on a movie (Note: All links go to the App Store).

The Dark Knight IconThe Dark Knight: Batmobile Game (99 cents)
“How fast can you get Batman through Gotham City?” Tilt your touch device to avoid obstacles and gain speed for jumps.

Fairies FlyDisney Fairies Fly! ($4.99)
Based on the Tinker Bell movie, Disney’s Fairies Fly lets you play as one of six fairy characters through five levels of gameplay. Using the accelerometer, you dodge obstacles and collect power-ups to progress to the next stage.

Fast and Furious Pink Slip IconFast and Furious: Pink Slip ($2.99)
Use the motion sensor to steer your car in one of four different types of races. Then, challenge others online to win their rides. Thirty-two cars to win in 32 challenging races.

Iron Man IconIron Man: Aerial Assault (99 cents)
Guide Iron Man through the skies as you use his high-tech arsenal to battle enemies.

Lightsaber Unleashed IconLightsaber Unleashed (Free)
Swing your touch device around to emulate lightsaber sound effects. Choose a Force Unleashed character of your choosing (or create your own) and play along to some dueling music.

Saturday Night Fever IconSaturday Night Fever: Dance / Lite (99 cents/Free)
Tap and slide to perform hundreds of dance moves to disco classics such as “YMCA” and “Car Wash.” Choose from two playable characters and a multi-player mode on a single device.

School of Rock IconSchool of Rock (99 cents)
Learn rock ‘n’ roll music theory, test your knowledge in the trivia section, then rock along to classic tracks by bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the Scorpions, or to songs in your music library.

Shooter IconShooter – The Official Movie Game ($1.99)
Choose from a large arsenal of weapons and equipment in over 30 levels of gameplay taking out enemies as Sgt. Bob Lee Swagger in this first person shooter.

Spongebob Atlantis IconSpongebob’s Atlantis Treasure ($3.99)
Play through five themed levels in this match three or more puzzle game based on your favorite pants-wearing sponge.

The Force Unleashed IconStar Wars: The Force Unleashed / Lite ($5.99/Free)
Use the force as you tap, touch, and swipe your way through the foes of Darth Vader’s secret apprentice.

Star Wars Sound Board IconStar Wars Sound Board (99 cents)
Choose from sixteen unmistakable Star Wars sound effects, from Darth Vader’s breathing to Obi-Wan’s “May the force be with you.”

Underworld IconUnderworld Game (Free)
Play as either a Vampire or Lycan in this head-to-head fighting game. Choose between three levels (the Woods, Castles, or Catacombs) in three modes of difficulty.

watchmentWatchmen: Justice is Coming (99 cents)
Team up and fight other players in this turn-based RPG based off the recently released Watchmen movie.